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Friday, 14 November 2008 18:25


Siam United Rubber Company Limited, previously founded under the name of Hui Hua Limited Partnership, was formerly inaugurated in 1984 with the registered capital of Thai baht 9,000,000.00. 


In those early days, Siam United Rubber’s products were geared towards the tertiary industries.  Products being offered then were small scale rubber products like erasers, medicine droppers and hot water bags etc... 

It was with the wave of exploding expansion of the global automotive market that propelled Siam United Rubber Company Limited to focus on the automotive sector as its primary growth engines.  This is further enhanced together with the propelling force from the export led economy in Thailand and other parts of Asia with the primary goal of being the manufacturing base for the world.

Gradually, Siam United Rubber company Limited ventured into manufacturing a line of products under various house brands such as “Best Foot”, “Big Foot” and “Bear” automotive rubber floor mats for the Aftermarket.  It was a continuous and steady development on out part to carry out in-house designs for rubber floor mats which eventually prove to be one of our most specialized products. 

As the market warmly welcomed Siam United Rubber’s various lines of products under our own brands due to trust in our quality, we reengineered our marketing division and set up another major house brand- Paramat.  Paramat was intended to be a familiar household name, representing our promise to deliver quality.  It is a symbol of our determination of wanting to fulfill our commitments to our customers.  Simultaneously, this too reflects Siam United Rubber’s resolution of pursuing to be an Original Brand Manufacturer (O.B.M). 


Eventually, numerous lines of rubber products are developed and manufactured under the umbrella brand of Paramat such as automotive rubber floor mats, rubber speed bumps, rubber wheel chocks, rubber mud guards, rubber traffic safety poles etc..



Original Equipments Manufacturer (O.E.M)


As Thailand has established herself as the hub of automotive manufacturing base in Asia, also known as the Detroit of Asia, we must not fail to recognize the importance of establishing ourselves as one that is able to meet up to the stringent quality and documentation control demands of this O.E.M sector.


Recognizing the vast potential in the global automobile market, Siam United Rubber Company Limited formed a joint-venture in 1996 with a main Japanese automobile rubber parts manufacturer in Prachinburi.  Currently, we employ about 150 workers manufacturing rubber vibration insulators.


Throughout the years, Siam United Rubber Company Limited has firmly worked together as partners with global automobile makers in supplying rubber mats for a range of trucks, passenger cars and other vehicles.

Whilst we can say that Siam United Rubber Company Limited is today well entrenched in the industry for automobile rubber parts, we have not restricted ourselves to only the automotive sector but have instead pursued a relentless force to work with other heavy equipments brands.  Today, we are working with major brands manufacturers in providing rubber mats for heavy equipment and other earth moving equipment.


Time can only prove that Siam United Rubber Company Limited has indeed come a long way from its former days of producing small rubber products.  We are now proud to announce that we have now grown into an organization with a registered capital of Thai baht 150,000,000.  Over time, we have built our name synonymous with strict adherence to quality control through management systems that customers can trust.  Siam United Rubber Company Limited stand proud to display our rubber parts and products consisting of a wide array of sizes, colors, dimensions and shapes.


Custom Order/ Made To Order


The expansion of Siam United Rubber will not be complete with any neglect to mention the extraordinary support from the segment which we have come to acknowledge over these years - the custom order products.  It is with such recognition that has allowed us to so much diversify and flourish as we seek ways to fulfill our customers’ needs with the facilities which we encompassed. 

Today, we are confident of manufacturing an incredibly wide array of rubber products so as to effectively service our customers.  Our products are no longer limited to merely small rubber products and automotive sector.  The profile of our products ranges from small rubber bumpers, rubber wheel chocks, rubber mudguards, rubber floor mats for both automotive to general safety industry, rubber floor mats for heavy (earth-moving) equipments to rubber traffic safety poles, rubber golf-driving range mats, rubber golf cart mats, playground rubber blocks, sports surfaces and rubber mats for agricultural purposes. 


Siam United Rubber Company Limited has been working hardest at fulfilling all requirements of our customers.  Such made to order rubber parts segment is an essential part of what have fostered us to build our human resources and facilities so as to cater for.



Human Resources

 As such importance has been placed into the quality assurance system, Siam United Rubber Company Limited has now built a team that is capable to meet up to the requirements of various quality standards.  Our team of staff has been intensively trained to handle and prepare full range of documentation support.


Looking Forward


Today, we stand proud at our current location to the Southern suburbs of Bangkok occupying a production area of 20,000m2 and the administration office of 2,000 m2 that we have relocated to in 2006.  Throughout all these years and for years to come, Siam United Rubber Company Limited has, and will, very much remain adhered to the value that has always been the core corporate policy of our organization- strong commitment to quality and service.   

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