Rubber Crane Pad Print
Monday, 17 November 2008 13:35


Features :

1.      Excellent support for crane and excavator feet, or other equipment.

2.      Being made from superior rubber compound, the Para Mat Rubber Crane

Pad leaves no mark on surface and damage to landscaping is reduced.

3.      Provides a safer and stable footing especially in wet ground conditions.

4.      Rubber materials provide heavy-duty uses while being resilient. And rust-free.

5.      Surface has anti-slip design to enhance safety grip.

6.      Para Mat Rubber Crane Pad has handle on one- side to enhance ease of

use when shifting locations.


Specification :

Hardness                               70        Shore A

Tensile Strength                  106        Kgf/cm2

Elongation                              70        %

Compressed              >200,000       Compressive Load, Kgf
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